I’m not sure those words mean what you think they mean.

I recently read some discussion around the support or otherwise of defunding and essentially eliminating the US’s Department of Justice’s Violence Against Women program. The poster wanted genuine dialogue in an attempt to understand how Trump supporters see their man’s actions and this is to be the first of several questions he intends to ask […]

Around and About – Part the First

Doubtless there’ll be more of this but for now, here’s a few shots taken on a photography ramble with Dad recently. We wombled through Monchel, Flers, many other local villages whose names I cannot at present recall and their surrounding countryside.

Around Boubers sur Canche

There have been some photography forays over the last month or so and I just managed to get around to taking a proper look for sharing. These are mostly from our house and grounds, with one or two village shots thrown in.

Taking Stock

It has been eleven weeks since we upped sticks and carted all our belongings nearly 200 miles across the Channel to take up residence in a turn of the 20th century, three-storey house located in a French village which boasts roughly 650 inhabitants. Free and clear. All ours. Beautiful. And sure, there have been hiccoughs […]

Attention Hijack

This morning I drove into work past a fire. As I approached, I could see a billowing plume of dark grey smoke and thought at first that the lorry coming toward me had a serious problem – but as I came closer, I could see that the smoke was emanating from a ground floor front […]

Snockipants Molar and the First Quest

Chapter 1 Once upon a time, there was a very tiny Elf. His name was Snockipants Molar and he lived with his Granny Molar in a very comfortable silver birch. He’d lived with his grandmother since he was a baby Elf. His mother and father had left home on a very important adventure when he […]

What am I doing here?

It’s a good question. There are big changes afoot and it seemed like a good idea to chronicle some of them. Twenty years down the road (or less – sometimes I forget what I had for breakfast), who knows what I’ll remember… My track record with keeping a diary/journal/memoire of any kind is not shiningly […]