Plum Tarte Tatin

Ingredients 230g pack of pastry: pâte brisée* 750g of plums 75g of sugar (I used demerara) 50g of butter (I used lightly salted) According to the original recipe, these quantities serve 6. I’ll be honest, we had a quarter each. We probably could have just eaten it all in one sitting. *We’ve been trying to […]

Grace is Wicked

This is my début short story, Grace is Wicked. Why is someone scratching (and sometimes oozing) writing all over Kat’s things? None of her family are owning up so what will it take to find out why Grace is Wicked?  Available in all Amazon marketplaces.

Winter Night

It’s easy to lose your way in a silent winter night. Two o’clock in the morning, with a fresh cushion of inviting snow wrapped around every shape that usually holds such a familiar feel but is now changed, new and a little fantastic. No light to guide you, except from a feeble and partially clouded […]

Chicken & Sweet Potato Pie

We made this the other night in a fit of ‘What the hell are we doing?’ It’s pie in the sense of ‘shepherds’ and ‘cottage’. So does that make it ‘henhouse’ pie? Who knows. Let’s get to the food. It serves 3 hungry people for a dinner or 4 people with more moderate appetites.

Sunset over Monchel

Dad and I took a little trip up to what is rapidly becoming a favourite vantage point on the hill at the top of Monchel. There are a couple of other shots taken in and around the house but a lot of this is going to be the glorious sunset from four days ago. Because […]

I’m not sure those words mean what you think they mean.

I recently read some discussion around the support or otherwise of defunding and essentially eliminating the US’s Department of Justice’s Violence Against Women program. The poster wanted genuine dialogue in an attempt to understand how Trump supporters see their man’s actions and this is to be the first of several questions he intends to ask […]