Grace is Wicked

This is my début short story, Grace is Wicked. Why is someone scratching (and sometimes oozing) writing all over Kat’s things? None of her family are owning up so what will it take to find out why Grace is Wicked?  Available in all Amazon marketplaces.

Winter Night

It’s easy to lose your way in a silent winter night. Two o’clock in the morning, with a fresh cushion of inviting snow wrapped around every shape that usually holds such a familiar feel but is now changed, new and a little fantastic. No light to guide you, except from a feeble and partially clouded […]

Snockipants Molar and the First Quest

Chapter 1 Once upon a time, there was a very tiny Elf. His name was Snockipants Molar and he lived with his Granny Molar in a very comfortable silver birch. He’d lived with his grandmother since he was a baby Elf. His mother and father had left home on a very important adventure when he […]